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Mississauga Active Kids Day Care Facility

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  Mississauga and Toronto daycare program
  Active Kids offer programs for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Our program is a full day program with a morning snack, hot lunch, and one afternoon snack. In our menu the meals are nutritionally well balanced, high in nutrients, low in fat, salt and sugars. It is approved by the Canadian Food Society. The program ensures the children's fitness, flexibility and fun.

In our program every child has an equal opportunity to feel good about themselves. We promote high self-esteem through the exercise. In our gym, EVERY CHILD IS A WINNER!

Along with physical education, we offer our children an age appropriate Academic Curriculum which emphasizes the learning experience. At Active Kids we believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

Our Curriculum includes:
aa Introduction to reading and writing through letters.
aa "Cuddle Up" reading program for preschool and kindergarten.
aa Pre Phonics/Phonics program for preschool and kindergarten.
aa To build the foundation of basic mathematics, through the introduction of numbers.
aa Science through observation and hands on practice, including a Science Centre.
aa Dramatic Arts is provides daily in every classroom’s Dramatic Centre.
aa Art Centre, including daily Arts & Crafts.
aa Daily Music Program, with instruments in the Music Centre.
aa Story Telling is daily, lots of books provided at the Book Centre.
aa Sensory Centre used to explore all five senses.
aa Full kindergarten program.
aa Physical Education classes provided once weekly for preschool and kindergarten.

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