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  our philosophy at Active Kids Daycare Mississauga
  At ACTIVE KIDS DAYCARE, we have adopted two European pedagogies that are recognized as leaders in early childhood education – Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi Albert (Nobel Prize Winner) and Jean Piaget.

Our program emphasizes the need to achieve the child’s learning experience through play. All of our activities are developed from this basic philosophy. The Piaget method encourages this idea: Children learn by observing what happens when they interact with materials and other people.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi Albert’s philosophy teaches us that physical education is a tool that allows our body to open up our minds to achieve a higher level of learning.

Our stimulating programs will complement your child's education; he/she will participate in Physical Education, Introducing Letters & Numbers, Science, Arts & Crafts, Story Telling, Music program, and Field Trips.

As our Logo reads,

"Come to us, and you'll find: Active Kids with Active Minds"

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